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Sputter (SHRINKS THE) Box

by Sputter Box

through distance somehow we grew stronger closer just your embrace is all I need is all I crave tonight
The wind is howling outdoors The weather’s frightening, of course And I CAN'T GET ANY RELIEF!! Yet, all I wonder now is if you’re out there. Are you out there? Can you hear me? Hear me? Hear me?
Toc toc il a fermé sa porte Les lys du jardin sont flétris Quel est donc ce morte qu’on emporte Tu viens de toquer à sa porte Et trotte trotte Trotte la petite souris Knock knock he closed his door The lilies in the garden are wilted So who is the corpse they are carrying out You were just knocking at his door And run run Run away little mouse
The way he pulled his body in out of shyness, or shame, or a desire not to disturb the air around him. Everyone could see the his muscles worked. The way we look like animals, his skin barely keeping him inside.
Now – no illusion to darken Your face! – Radiant Gleam, Unborrowed Light Reflected through Time in the mirror of my eyes Illuminates my Universe. Crumbling, I tremble with desire, Dying to rummage throughYour mind, One withYou! Eternity's Avatar, preserve what You love: Cast me into Time That we may be Two!
I am what you can’t see right in front of you I was the voice that cries over the wall Sixty men went into the water They never came back! I am, I was, thee I am, I was, thee After all was lost to me!
wet your hands with clean running water hot or cold turn off the tap! and apply soap! lather hands by Rubbing them together with the soap! lather the back of your hands Between your fingers and under your nails scrub your hands for at least twenty seconds! rinse your hands well under clean running water dry your hands, using a clean towel or air dry
Want. Need. We want No need! no want, no need, No. No, we need Need need need, we need not
Male, twenty years old. Vertical Strabismus in the right eye, Incidental cystic lesion. Flow voids at the skull base are intact, There is no midline shift. Ventricles are within normal limits Unremarkable brain.
The leviathan within calls She calls I crave, I crave flesh and blood
Cruelty has a Human Heart And Jealousy a Human Face Terror the Human Form Divine And Secrecy, the Human Dress The Human Dress, is forged Iron The Human Form, a fiery Forge. The Human Face, a Furnace seal'd The Human Heart, its hungry Gorge.
Well and If day on day Follows, and weary year On year. . . and ever days and years. . . Well?
Power of storm Hard hour No warm word No live lip Wind and woe whip Cold tree Air ill sick sea Whats real but where you are you’re not a star You breath proud swan beneath doomed dawn Each spark blown it’s dark Your doubt is all you own No spring in fall Sing Swan
My thoughts are like fire-flies, pulsing in moonlight; My heart like a silver cup, filled with red wine; My soul a pale gleaming horizon, whence soon light will flood the gold earth with a torrent divine.
A flower of life passes through the beauty of the night.
Are you alive? I touch you. You quiver like a sea-fish. I cover you with my net. What are you—banded one?
byu byuti i have always wanted to make something beautiful but i have no idea why
Catalog of Horrors Descriptions of natural disasters Horrors List of miracles in the diverse corridor Catalog of fish in the divine canal Catalog of objects in the room List of things in the sacred river
In in the now here “center!” Here in in the in the now in the now, here “center!” “in the!” in “in the now!” in “in the now!” the “now in!” now here
Take my head off Take my head off Take my head off Take my head Take my head off Take my head off Take my head off Take my head Take off my head Take off my head Take off my head Take off my Take my head off Take my head off Take my head off Take my head Take my head off Take off my head Put it in the garden Take off my head Take my head off Put it in the garden Put it in the garden Put it in the garden Put it in the garden
Daffodil and red and dark green. I fill an ocean of you.
what a time to be alive
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah lah yes! Here are all the spies Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Put them in the food yes please do! Please do! Here are all the spices Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! So let us live love and eat Live love and eat Bum pah bum pa-um pah Bum pah bum pa-um pah Let us add some flavor Life needs some spice so add some salt, pepper turmeric Cloves, garlic, basil All for us to enjoy Let’s raid the spice cabinet hey!
I want you to remember to stay happy in these times. I know it's hard, but I know that we can try. When all seems dark and hope is stark, just sing a happy tune, and things won't seem that bad.
I had a dream last night it was about diamonds I was in a room I saw a skeleton with green diamond eyes I went to a different room The room had a big tub of diamonds it exploded I Ran on back to the last room And with the tub full of diamonds And at that very moment I fouNd out that I could build stuff I Started building something Fighting the swarm of gems I built a wall neXt thing the gems were In the room practically flooding the place On a table a few feet away was a remote I pressed a button I was awake iN my bed THE END (transfixion: when you cannot make room for another thing in your brain, it just fills it and you can't get the idea out) -Lev Brodsky (typist by Seth Brodsky)


Sputter (SHRINKS THE) Box Album was created entirely in Sputter Box's respective homes during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. Composers wrote short pieces to be recorded separately for bass clarinet, soprano voice, and djembe.

Kathryn Vetter, bass clarinet
Alina Tamborini, voice
Peter White, djembe


released July 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Sputter Box Brooklyn, New York

Sputter Box is a clarinet, voice, percussion performance art ensemble committed to performing interdisciplinary pieces involving sound, theater, movement, visual art, and improvisation.

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